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Public engagement

In 2014,  Natalia won the Engaged research competition at the Open University and was shortlisted in the National NCCPE Engage Competition, both of which reward researchers engaged with the public in innovative and effective ways.



Based on her Phd studies, Natalia co-developed, co-designed, implemented and evaluated the uses of the smartphone/ tablet app Our Story

Natalia has also written and developed a children's digital book What is That?

Natalia has actively participated in several voluntary projects and engaged with voluntary organisations. In 2021-2023, she is the Committee Member of Red Cross in Sandnes and Patron of the charity Just Be a Child.


UKLA Children's Digital Book Award

The only award judged by teachers. The award recognises innovation, creativity and excellence in digital  publishing.

Natalia is the founder of the award and the Award Chair.

Mesh Guide

Mesh Guides connect educators with summaries of educational research. Natalia developed an interactive guide for the use of digital books with early years and primary school-aged children.


Natalia co-chaired Working Group3 in the pan-European interdisciplinary network that enables researchers to synthesise existing research and identify gaps in knowledge regarding children's digital literacy.

Literacy Apps

Natalia helped with the development of Literacy Apps- an online expert- and community-based guide for parents and educators. Choose children's apps and digital books to support children's reading for pleasure. 

Knowledge Exchange

Effective research communication happens through active research and engagement with diverse publics, including professionals from local schools, sharing on social media and blogs. Natalia set up the project Digitally Agile Researcher for scholars to share tips on how to engage with new ways of research communication.


Natalia's work has directly informed the Language Policy for Early Years in Malta & Gozo.


Natalia presented her research at prestigious conferences, institutions and festivals, including:

  • AERA Annual Conference

  • LRA Annual Conference

  • IRA Annual Conferences

  • London Book Fair

  • Cheltenham Literature Festival

  • MiT (Office of Digital Learning)

  • Boston University School of Medicine

  • Westminister Forum for Education

  • BETT

  • Oxford University (Dep. of Education)

  • British Council (Belgrade)



Natalia runs regular workshops with teachers and parents interested in effective uses of children's digital books; tablets and multimedia in early years and publishers/app producers interested in digital personalization.

Recent seminars include:

Teachers as researchers 

Community Learning Festival


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