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Digital personalisation

Personalized and data-based education

Peer reviewed research articles

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Book chapters:

Kucirkova, N.  & Sakr, M. (2016) Digital Technologies, Children's Learning and the Affective Dimensions of Family Relationships in the Home,  In Samantha Punch, Robert M. Vanderbeck and Tracey Skelton (Eds), Families, Intergenerationality, and Peer Group Relations, Springer (1-21).


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Articles on children's use of digital media more broadly

Kucirkova, N. Evertsen-Stanghelle, C., Studsrød, I., Jensen, I. B., & Størksen, I. (2020). Lessons for child-computer interaction studies following the research challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic. International Journal of Child-Computer Interaction, 100203.

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