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Inspirational Women in Academia: Supporting Careers and Improving Minority representation

Book commissioned from Routledge, co-authored by N. Kucirkova and Loleta Fahad

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 "What an insightful book! Teachers, researchers, parents, and anyone who cares about children and reading will deepen their understanding of the crucial role that pleasure reading plays in young people’s lives."

- Naomi S. Baron


An authority guide on supporting children's reading and writing across cultures.

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Comprehensive research summary of psychology studies on the use of personal data and technologies in early childhood

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"Dr Kucirkova has written a powerful book about the growing impact of technology induced personalization on children and our collective future. The book contains rich information to how children learn that is embedded in context including social science, child development, philosophy and literature. A must read!"

- Prof Barry Zuckerman, MD

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Featuring cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural and mixed method studies concerned with children's technology use

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Guidance and tips for researchers at any stage of career on blogs, social media use and multimedia

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One of the first books for teachers on using digital media in early years


Winner of the UKLA Academic Book Awrad 2021

Research and Pedagogy for the use of children's e-books

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One of the first books about children's apps, a collection of chapters I co-edited with Prof Garry Falloon

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Teachers' tips on the use of apps with research evidence behind them

jumpstart book cover_edited.jpg

The first book on using digital personalized books in classrooms

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