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The Future of The Self


"Dr Kucirkova has written a powerful book about the growing  impact  of technology induced  personalization on children and our collective future . The book contains rich information  to how children learn that is embedded in context   including social science ,child development. philosophy and literature." Barry Zuckerman

Reading for Pleasure in the Digital Age


"This book makes a compelling case for reading as a situated, embodied experience and embraces positively the possibilities and opportunities of reading online and on screen. It will be read widely by all those committed to expanding and enriching reading for pleasure in the new media age." 

Cathy Burnett

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International Handbook of Learning with Technology in Early Childhood

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The Digitally Agile Researcher

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Jumpstart Apps

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Guide to Oustanding practice in ICT


International Handbook of Early Literacy Education

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Digital Personalization in Early Childhood

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Apps, Technology & Younger Learners


How and Why to Read and Create Children's Digital Books

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