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 Occasional papers

Kucirkova, Natalia,Elisabeth Stray Gausel, Ann Kristin Kolstø-Johansen og Vibeke Grøver (2022).Bokstart - Rapport: Prosjektevaluering av Bokstart-prosjektet:


Kucirkova, N., Ng, I. & Holtby, J. (2017). From mirrors to selfies: protecting children’s data for personalised learning and future growth, London: University College of London, Institute of Education.


Kucirkova, N., Wells Rowe, D., Oliver, L., Piestrzynski, L.E,(2017) Children’s Writing With and On

Screen(s): A Narrative Literature Review. COST ACTION ISI1410 DigiLitEY. [Accessed:]


Kucirkova, N. (2017) Regulation regarding the use of children’s data in personalised books and reading resources, Children’s Media Foundation Yearbook, Available from:

Kucirkova, N. (2015) Towards truly transformative technology-enhanced education, In Westminster Education Forum Using technology in education, Comment article (75-77).


Kucirkova, N.  (2014) Children must be central to our thinking about digital technology, Nursery World,

June, 2014

Kucirkova, N. (2013) Response to ‘By-passing the debate: beyond the ‘technology question’ in the early   years’ Reflecting on Early Years Issues, Tactyc, available from:


Kucirkova, N. (2011) Digitalised early years: where next? The Psychologist, December Issue, pp.938-940.


Kucirkova, N. (2011) My story about the Our Story application, PsyPag Quarterly, Sept.issue


Kucirkova, N. (2011) Parent-child shared book reading: Current developments. British Psychological Society Developmental Section Newsletter, Issue 73, p. 9-11.

Commissioned reports

Kucirkova, N. & Littleton, K. (2016) National survey of parents’ perceptions of and practices in relation to children’s reading for pleasure with print and digital books, London: Book Trust.


Cremin, T., Swann, J., Flewitt, R., Faulkner, D., and Kucirkova, N. (2013). Evaluation Report of MakeBelieve  Arts Helicopter Technique of Storytelling and Storyacting. MakeBelieveArts/The Open University.


Good, J., Kucirkova, N., Sylva, K. and Evangelou, M. (2008). Enhancing parental involvement:

the parent sub-sample. In Evangelou, M., Sylva, K, Smith, T. and Edwards, A. Supporting

parents in promoting early learning: The evaluation of the Early Learning Partnership Project,

London: DCSF.


Acknowledged contribution in the Mathers et al., (2011): Evaluation of the Graduate Leader Fund

Final report, Research Report DFE-RR144. London: DCSF.


Acknowledged contribution in the R Smith et al., (2009):  Early Education Pilot for Two Year Old Children:

Evaluation, Research report DCSF-RR134. London: DCSF.


Acknowledged contribution in the Evangelou, M. et al., (2008): Evaluation of the Sutton Trust Shopping

Centre Project: Room to Play, PEEP, Sutton Trust.

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